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Small Business Marketing and SEO: The Brass Tax

Small Business Marketing and SEO: The Brass Tax

When you run a small business for a living, you understand that clicks to a website don’t always equate to phone calls. In addition, you’ve probably heard every song and dance marketing wise when it comes to your website. At this point, you understand that there are a lot of companies who will sell you web traffic while your company suffocates and dies. It takes a seasoned professional to recognize that when a business needs the phone to ring, they don’t care about impressions, keyword rankings or website traffic — they care about making the phone ring because they have bills to pay and employees that need to be paid.

Small Business Internet Marketing that works. We focus on what matters to you!

At Digital Jedi SEO, we understand that clicks don’t pay the bills. We won’t sell you keyword rankings, guaranteed placement in Google Search or the #1 spot in Google’s listing for a keyword. Anyone can pay to put you there with Google AdWords.

What we do sell is tried and tested, best practices for ranking in Google, with a focus on showing up where your customers are searching. It’s great to rank #1 for a random phrase, but if you don’t make money from it, what good is an irrelevant ranking?

What we don’t sell is black hat, forbidden SEO tactics that will get your company kicked out of Google.

If you’re looking for someone who cheats… look somewhere else.

If you’re tired of fighting competitors who cheat, contact us and we can evaluate your online business vertical and geographic market, along with the competitors you believe are cheating and put a plan together to fight back. It’s common practice for companies to violate Google terms of service for representing your business in their online marketing. Unfortunately, unless someone is watching out for you and reporting it to Google for correction and/or punishment, there’s often nothing a business owner can do and these cheaters will get away with it for years.

We have experience successfully managing SEO campaigns for clients with over 100 locations, all across the United States and Canada. We’ve seen it all when it comes to cheating in Google.

Whether you have a location based business with a storefront or you run a service area company, Digital Jedi SEO can help you make your mark in the internet world. Request a free proposal and get started with the next generation of marketing for your business today.

If you’re in a particularly competitive vertical or you happen to have competitors cheating in Google, we may be able to help you with that too. We only use white hat tactics, but we strongly believe in playing by Google’s rules and making sure everyone else on the playground does too.