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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Have your company ads shown in Google Search, Google Maps and Google Search Partner Sites — and help your customers find you!

Search Engine Optimization takes time, patience and a willingness to wait for results to come. That’s where Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comes in. With Search Engine Marketing, you can put your ad on the first page of Google and see almost immediate results for your business.

People search Google more than 1.9 billion times per month — that’s 2 trillion searches per year!

The competition can be fierce and clicks for some industries can cost a lot more than others, but if you have a marketing budget and you’re ready to drive immediate traffic to your website, contact us for more information.

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Google Remarketing Ads


Google Remarketing

Chase your non-converting website visitors around the internet with image remarketing ads!

We’ve all been on a website looking at prices or doing some product research online and not purchased anything from that website. Then for weeks it seems, on every website we visit we see ads for that company. While it may sound creepy — it’s called remarketing or retargeting, depending on who you ask, and it’s a quite effective method of online advertising

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